Tools for registering and managing .uk domain names

Nominet has several systems to help you register and manage domain names. All of these systems are available free of charge for providing registrar services in accordance with our Registry-Registrar agreement. Each system has its own key strengths in terms of speed and functionality. Registrars can use either or both of these systems to register and manage domain names. The table below highlights differences in system functionality:

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

EPP is an XML, client-server protocol based system for registering and managing domain names (over an SSL secure connection).

Web Domain Manager

Web Domain Manager is a browser-based online interface for registering and managing domain names. You can access it through your Online Services account.

Domain management tool operation EPP Web domain manager
Create Y Y
Renew Y Y
Delete Y Y
Modify/Update Y Y
Fork account Y Y
Query/Info Y Y
List N Y
Release/Transfer Y Y
Receive/Transfer Y Y
Handshake for registrar change Y Y
Poll/Notification Y Y
Domain Check Y X

Online Services

Online Services is our web based account management system for members, registrars and registrants. It allows account holders to manage the services that they subscribe to such as credit accounts, registrar service settings, Searchable Whois, DAC etc. For registrants it provides access to functions including registrar change, registrant transfer and cancellation.

List API

There are SOAP and REST versions of an API you can use to list domains and contacts.

For information on Domain Lock or Domain Health visit Security Services.

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