.UK Registrar systems

We provide you with access to Online Services, our web based service that enables members and registrars to manage their account information. The service can be accessed via a secure website with your email address, password and optional passphrase/two factor authentication setting.

As a registrar, you can register and manage domain names through Nominet’s registrar systems, which require a minimal level of human intervention and mean that domain names can usually be registered in a matter of seconds.

For our UK Domain Family, we support two domain management tools for registrars: Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) (used by the majority of our registrars) and the Web Domain Manager. We will provide you with an account identifier known as a tag that will be used to flag the domain names that you manage.

To use EPP you either need to write your own EPP client or buy one off the shelf.  Your EPP software will then need to be able to connect directly to the EPP server using SSL.

You will be able to access the Web Domain Manager tool via your Online Services account. This is a fully-featured system that you can use exclusively to manage the domain names on your tag.

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