Searchable Whois

At a glance

  • The Searchable Whois enables wildcard searches (subject to the contract terms and conditions)
  • This service is only available by annual subscription and costs £400+VAT
  • The Searchable Whois can be set to store favourite searches and has a search history feature
  • The Searchable Whois is available to users in the EEA
  • A web service (API) for the Searchable Whois is available


The Searchable Whois allows you to search the register for domain names that are registered of a similar name. The Searchable Whois is accessible via a web interface and allows you to search using wildcards. A maximum of 21,000 results can be viewed per week. These results can be viewed in batches.

You can store regular searches as favourites and a history is kept of all searches for quick and easy access.


The Searchable Whois is available to everyone based in the EEA. This service is available on a contract only basis subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.


The Searchable Whois is charged at £400+VAT per year.

How to apply

You can apply for access to the Searchable Whois by completing the online application form.

You will also be required to confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions of the Searchable Whois contract

What the Searchable Whois is for

The Searchable Whois is designed to assist in the following activities.

  • To assist in the establishing or defending of intellectual property rights and other similar matters.
  • To assist in the maintenance of your existing domain name portfolios.
  • To assist in gathering information for cases under the Dispute Resolution Service (.uk disputes), Uniform Dispute Resolution Service (.com and gTLD disputes) or other similar systems.
  • To assist in academic research.
  • Detecting, investigating, preventing, prosecuting criminal offences and possible offences.
  • Detecting, investigating and preventing use of false identities (e.g. fake universities, impersonation of police forces etc.)
  • Governmental functions and administration of justice.

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