Each domain name can have up to ten nameservers associated with it.

Nameservers do not need to be supplied and if there are none for a domain then the domain will not be built into the relevant zone on our nameservers.

We only carry out basic checks when nameserver data is supplied:

  • We check to ensure the Top Level Domain (TLD) is a genuine TLD in the IANA root zone and not from any alternate root.
  • We check the syntax of the nameserver conforms to what we believe to be an acceptable Internet host name.
  • We do not check to see if the nameserver exists.
  • We do not check to see if the nameserver is serving the specified zone.


If a nameserver is used for the same domain in which it is named then the IP address(es) of that nameserver must also be specified. This IP address data is known as 'glue' and without it the nameserver cannot be added to our zones.

For example, if the nameserver is used as the nameserver for then the IP address must be supplied.

Glue can be supplied even when not needed but we do not use it. It is not added to the zone.

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