Renewal not required


The 'renewal not required' command should be used to mark domain names that are no longer required by your customers. We will notify the registrant that the instruction has been received but we will not send them any further notifications or reminders about their domain name.

  • Rather than immediately cancelling, 'renew-not-required' domain names will be suspended and cancelled in the normal way.
  • The 'renew-not-required' flag prevents any renewal reminders being sent to the registrant about the domain name.
  • A single notification email will be sent to the registrant to advise that the 'renew-not-required' instruction has been received.
  • The status on WHOIS will change to "Registration not required".
  • A registrar can submit a renewal request which overrides the 'renew-not-required' flag.
  • The registrant can still carry out a registrar change however this action will clear the 'renew-not-required' flag.

The 'renew-not-required' function is available in all of our registrar systems: EPP and web domain manager.

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