Web Domain Manager

At a glance

  • Easy to use web based interface
  • Available to all registrars via your online service account
  • Can be used exclusively to register and manage .uk domain names
  • Accessible to administrative and technical contacts for a tag
  • Can be accessed from any internet connection

Web Domain Manager is our user interface system that allows registrars to register and manipulate domain names in a web browser.  The Web Domain Manager is a fully-featured system and can be used exclusively to manage the domain names on your tag.


To use the Web Domain Manager you need to select your domain names from a list and choose which operation you would like to perform.

Getting started

The Web Domain Manager operates within our Online Service and is accessible to your administrative and technical contacts.

To access Web Domain Manager:

  1. Login to our Online Service.  You will need to enter your email address and password.
  2. From the main menu click Web Domain Manager.  This will take you to the start page.

Disclosing registrant name and address on the WHOIS 

To disclose the name and/or address of a registrant, once logged in, please choose ‘Manage Contacts’. Once you’ve selected the appropriate contact, choose the ‘Modify Contacts’ option and at the foot of this page you can choose to disclose the name and/or address of the registrant.

When creating a new domain, you can choose this setting on the ‘Create domain – Add new contact’ page.


There are certain circumstances when we will send you a notification about a change that has happened to one of the domain names on your tag.  You will receive notifications by email unless you have changed the setting through your Online Service account.

We have an acceptable use policy for the Web Domain Manager to encourage responsible usage.

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