.uk Renewal Reminder


When a domain name has reached its expiry date we will issue a series of renewal reminders by email to the registrant if we have not received a renewal request.

These emails will be sent to registrants at four key points after the domain name has expired.

Accredited Channel Partner Tags can opt out of all renewal reminders with the exception of cancellation warning – sent at 83 days after expiry.

On expiry: We will notify the registrant 1 day after the date of expiry if we have not yet received a renewal request. The reminder will include the name and public URL of the registrar associated with the domain name and a recommendation that they contact their registrar to arrange renewal.

Suspension warning: Sent 23 days after the expiry date to warn the registrant that the domain name will be suspended in 7 days. The email explains the consequences of suspension and advises them to contact their registrar to arrange renewal.

Suspension notice: Sent 30 days after the expiry date to advise the registrant that the domain name has been suspended and that it is still not too late to renew through their registrar. We also warn of the consequences of the domain name being cancelled.

Cancellation warning: Sent 83 days after the expiry date. This email warns the registrant that the domain name will be cancelled in 7 days. The email explains that cancelled domain names are then available for anyone else to register and that it is still possible to renew the domain name, even at this late stage.

All of the emails above contain details of the specific domain name, its expiry date and the registrar and public URL for the registrar to help the registrant make their renewal. At no point in our emails to registrants with domain names on your tag do we mention the ability to renew directly with Nominet. Furthermore the ability to renew directly with us is only available in their online account from 23 days after the expiry date (7 days before suspension).

Renewal reminders for domain names that are either detagged, on the Nominet tag or marked as BC (bill customer) do contain details of how to renew directly with Nominet. We do, however, advise registrants that it is usually cheaper to renew their domain name through a registrar and for detagged and Nominet tagged domain names, direct them to the registrar change function in online services. We also promote www.keepyour.co.uk in all renewal reminders as a source of information about .uk renewals.

Custom direct renewal message

You can submit a message and URL through your online service account that will be displayed at the point at which registrants attempt make a direct renewal with us. This message will be seen by all registrants with a domain name on your tag who are attempting to renew directly with us. It will not prevent them from making that direct renewal, but provides you with the final opportunity to persuade them that they should renew through you, their registrar. Information about the custom renewal warning is available.

Custom renewal email reminders

You are able to add personalised text to our reminder emails. This email text could be used to advise customers of renewal prices, hosting offers and promotions to encourage renewal. You can also supply us with a dedicated renewals URL so you can direct clients to a renewals landing page on your own site. This is set in your online services account.

Renewal not required

If you know that your customer does not want to renew their domain name, you can flag it as 'renewal not required'. Domain names that are marked in this way will not receive any of our reminder notifications.

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