Proxy Service Incident Plan (PSIP)

The aim of the Nominet Registrar Proxy Service Incident Plan (PSIP) is to ensure that all domain name registrants are afforded equal protections with regards to their right to use and operate their .UK domain names, regardless of the type of Registrar or Registrar service that they use.  It is intended that a Registrar’s PSIP will support the activities needed for the relatively quick and painless provision of the Registrant data necessary to establish who has the right to use a particular domain name in the event that a Registrar managing domains via a Proxy Service ceases trading.   

A PSIP should outline who is responsible for dealing with emergencies at a Registrar, the structures that will be used to deal with the emergencies, the plans currently in place and the resources and processes that underly those plans.  A PSIP must describe how Registrant data will be accessible to Nominet in an emergency where the Registrar is unable to act for the Registrant themselves.  A PSIP may be developed in line with a Registrar’s existing Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan, or as a standalone incident plan.  All Accredited Channel Partner Registrars are required to have a Business Continuity Plan.

A PSIP should be maintained by the Registrar to ensure it remains effective and fit-for-purpose. 

An example PSIP is provided that Registrars may wish to use wholly, or part of, as appropriate.

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