Custom email reminder

When a domain name reaches its expiry date without being renewed, we send a series of reminder emails directly to the registrant.

These emails all encourage the registrant to renew their domain name through their registrar. You can however add personalised text to our reminder emails. This text could be used to advise customers of renewal prices, hosting offers and promotions to encourage renewal.

You can also supply us with a dedicated renewals URL so you can direct clients to a renewals landing page on your own site.

Setting up custom renewal reminders

You can access this feature in your online service account, in the registrar section under 'Renewal Emails'.

The default setting does not include any personalised messages and the reminder emails will be sent as shown on our reminder emails documentation page. If you have multiple tags you can add different custom text for each tag that you hold. To set the custom text, first ensure that you are editing the details for the correct tag by using the tag selector on the right hand side.

Then you simply need to select the 'Advanced' option, and enter the text that you wish to use in the box provided. All of our reminder emails are sent out as plain text emails. If you enter any HTML code then the actual code will be shown in the email. Use the text box for a message that will help and encourage your customers to renew their domain name, for example:



Even though your domain name has passed its expiry date you can still renew it with "Example Registrar" for just £10 for two years. Log into your "Example Registrar" account now to renew your domain name.

We currently have a special offer on domain name renewals and hosting packages.
If you renew your domain name and take a premium hosting package you can get a 30% discount. Log into your account and use the voucher code 'offer30' at the checkout.
Your domain name has passed its expiry date and renewal is now an urgent matter.
Call your dedicated account manager on 01234 123456 to discuss renewal and all of your domain name and hosting requirements.

You can also have additional URL links in this text, however, please remember that the emails are plain text. You can either type the URL in full (eg. or simply use Different email clients will handle plain text that looks like a link in different ways so we cannot guarantee results. You could also consider using stars or dashes to make your message stand out in the email.


If you use information about pricing or special offers it is important that you review the text on a regular basis to ensure that pricing is up to date or offers are still valid. We reserve the right to withdraw this service if it is abused or misleading and out of date information is used.

The default renewal email shows your tag's public URL. If you choose the advanced option you can change this to show customers a specific renewals URL. This could be a direct link to your log in page or perhaps to a web page detailing your renewals process and pricing.

It is important that you preview your message before saving it. The preview button shows you how your message will appear within our reminder email. The main body of the email uses a fixed text width of 80 characters. You may wish to use line breaks within your message to maintain this width.

Save and submit

Once you are happy with your message and custom URL, the save button not only saves, but also submits the message for our approval. All custom messages will be audited prior to going live. Once the message has been checked you will receive an email confirming that the message has been approved and is live. Our approval process is a basic check and we do not accept responsibility for any spelling mistakes or broken links in your submission. If your message is not approved you will receive an email explaining the reason for rejection.

You can change your custom message at any time. Simply change the message in the text box or the URL as required and re-submit for approval.

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