The Nominet .uk WHOIS service is used to find information about domain names ending in .uk. It displays the information that we hold about domain names that are currently registered including: registration date and current status, registrant’s agent and the name servers associated with the domain name. It is not a directory of email addresses or web sites.  So you can search for information on a domain name such as nominet.uk but not for an email address such as [email protected] or for the web site www.nominet.uk.

Registrants of domain names are obliged to provide us with accurate details under the terms and conditions of registration.

This service can be accessed through a WHOIS query which can be made using the normal whois protocol, which issues a query to port 43 on whois.nic.uk.


This service is available to any individual or organisation, provided the acceptable use policy is followed.  Access may be withdrawn at any time. There is no charge for this service.


The normal acceptable uses are:

  • Checking the availability of a domain name
  • If the registrant has opted in, to find out the registrant’s details for a domain name that is already registered.
  • Checking which registrar or reseller currently manages a domain.

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