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Welcome email

When you register a UK namespace domain name for a customer (registrant), a Nominet Account is created for them in Online Services. This account allows the registrant to check and update their contact details directly with us.

A Nominet Online Services account allows the registrant to:

  • Update contact details
  • Correct name and/or address information
  • Merge multiple domain names into one account to simplify management
  • Initiate a registrar change
  • Initiate a registrant transfer
  • Cancel a domain name

We therefore send a welcome email to the registrant for all new accounts that are created. If a new domain name is created using an existing ‘active’ account then we do not send a welcome email. Additionally we send a welcome email to all domain name renewals made on ‘inactive accounts’.

  • Active account – an account that has been logged into and passwords set
  • Inactive account – an account that has not been logged into.

The welcome email is sent 48 hours after the account is created (domain name registered) and introduces Nominet to the registrant. We give them their account details as well as details of the registrar associated with that account.

Updating the registrar information in the welcome email
The default information that we use for registrars in these welcome emails is taken from the registrars’ public details in Online Services:

  • Public or custom URL
  • Public Trading Name

These items can be edited by logging into your registrar account on Online Services and navigating to Registrars > Public Details. Please note that if your public trading name is blank then the tag name is used.

The welcome email will replace the registrar details with reseller details if you have associated the domain name with a reseller on your account. Details of our reseller data service is available.

You can now also set a custom URL to be used in the welcome email. This could be a direct link to your own customer log in page or even a dedicated landing page.

The full text of the welcome email is available.

Advanced option – adding extra information

We also provide the facility for you to add extra information to this welcome email. This function can be activated in your registrar Online Services account in the section Registrars > Welcome Email.

Activating the advanced option for welcome emails will result in a slightly different welcome email being sent to registrants with domain names on your registrar account (Tag).

The main difference with the advanced option is the facility to insert an additional paragraph of text. This text can be used to reinforce your relationship with the registrant, encouraging them to manage their domain name through you. It could also be used as an advertising opportunity for hosting and email packages relevant to the domain name purchase.

Guide to writing custom welcome text

Careful consideration needs to be given to the text you write for the Nominet welcome email. All text submitted will be checked by us prior to going live, however we will not be liable for any errors whether factual or typographical. If your text is not accepted we will give you a reason why, additionally we may suggest some changes if necessary.

  • Ensure your text is consistent with the style and language used in the rest of the email
  • Defamatory or negative text will not be approved
  • All emails are sent as plain text, html is not permitted, however additional links can be included if written as full text e.g. http://www.nominet.org.uk/go/onlineservices, most email clients will convert this to a clickable link.
  • Be concise – emails are not often read in full.
  • If you use resellers and our reseller data service , ensure that the text is appropriate

We suggest two possible approaches to writing this text:

1. Continue writing as if from Nominet. This will keep the email style consistent e.g.

        Your registrar, XYZNames Ltd, manages your domain name. For further information on the range of hosting and email packages available simply log into your XYZNames control panel to upgrade your hosting account: http://www.xyznames.co.uk/login
2. Start your text with the sub-heading ” A message from your registrar: XYZNames Ltd“. This will clearly separate your part of the message from the account log in instructions. e.g.

        A message from your registrar XYZNamed Ltd: Thank you for registering your domain name with XYZNames. You can also use your XYZNames control panel to check and update your contact details and we will automatically update all of Nominet's records for you. Simply log in to you XYZ control panel. While you are logged in why not take advantage of our Premium Hosting offer and upgrade your package. For full details and to log in visit http://www.xyznames.co.uk/nominetoffer

If you have any queries about this system or require assistance please do not  hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team.

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