Domain Lock

What is Domain Lock?

Domain Lock is a chargeable service to Nominet registrars and governed by the general provisions of the Registry-Registrar Agreement that allows domain names in the UK namespace to be locked at the Registry level. This means that once a domain name is locked, no changes can be made to it or its Domain Name System (DNS) configuration until the lock is removed. A locked domain name can be locked and unlocked by a pre-authorised representative through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This additional security layer provides peace of mind that changes cannot be made to a domain name or its DNS without the requester’s identity being thoroughly authenticated.

Who is Domain Lock for?

Domain lock is for anyone who is concerned about the reputational damage that could occur if their website is hijacked. This service would be most suitable for high profile brands, financial services, media companies, and high traffic websites but can be applied to any domain in the UK namespace.

Why is Domain Lock important?

Recent years have seen increasing occurrences of high profile DNS hijacking: this occurs when an attacker gains unauthorised access to registration data for a domain name and modifies the data for their own purposes. This could result in traffic being diverted away from the intended destination to a malicious website, allowing the attacker to display offensive or objectionable content, or to steal a user’s credentials by setting up a phishing website. If this happens it can significantly disrupt an online business as well as causing damage to the reputation of not only the registrant but also the reputation of their registrar.

How do I set up Domain Lock?

The Domain Lock service allows you to lock domain names at a monthly cost of £7.50 + VAT per domain locked, to prevent all operations to a particular domain.

The Domain Lock service uses 2FA and time based tokens. Registrars will use the 2FA they have set up to access Online Services and will then use repeated 2FA validation for domain lock. Time based tokens and separate devices bring heightened security. To set up Domain Lock for the first time registrars will need to log into their Online Services account and activate the service by selecting the tag they want to activate the service on. Then select the Domain Lock service from the .UK REGISTRAR menu. A confirmation email will be sent to all the account admin contacts listed for your tag to confirm that the Domain Lock service has been activated. Usage of the Domain Lock service must be in line with the terms of the .UK Registry-Registrar Agreement, System Instructions and Acceptable Use Policies. (These Policies and System Instructions will change over time as our systems develop and you must regularly check which are the most recent versions and comply with them). For further information on how to use Domain Lock please see our user guide. 

What happens once Domain Lock is applied?

When Domain Lock is applied to a domain, it is locked down by Nominet. This means that no changes can be made by anyone, including:

  • Prevents nameservers from being changed
  • Prevents the registrant name and/or address and contact details from being amended
  • Prevents the domain from being transferred to another registrar

What will Domain Lock cost?

Each Domain Lock costs £90 +VAT per domain per annum and will be invoiced in 12 monthly instalments at £7.50 +VAT per month.

How do I find out more?

For more information about Domain Lock please email us at [email protected]

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