Self-Managed tag requirements

Please ensure that you meet the following criteria for this tag type:

  • Domain names must usually be registered in the name of the registrar.
  • You may specify a maximum of five linked registrant names at any one time. These must be linked to you in some way, for example personal, trading or business names that you use or are closely connected with, and you must be able to provide evidence of this if we ask for it.
  • You may register a small number of domains for third parties. If you register any domain names to third parties this shall be no more than the lower of:
    • 50 or
    • 5% of the total domains registered under your Self-Managed tag

If you do register domains in the name of third parties, you will need to comply with the Channel Partner tag requirements with respect to those customers’ domains. Therefore you will need to submit information about how you service your customers as part of your application.

Only one Self-Managed tag is permitted.

Information to be submitted with Self-Managed tag applications

You will need to apply for a new tag or reclassify an existing tag to a Self-Managed tag via Online Services. You will be asked to provide information on the following areas.

All tag classifications:

  • How you meet the customer service level commitments set out in the Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)
  • How you make customers aware of your complaints procedures
  • How you make customers aware of Terms and Conditions
  • How you provide the required information on your customer website
  • How you provide a contact for reporting websites considered abusive
  • How you ensure your resellers comply with the standards in the RRA
  • What connections you have with other registrars

Self-Managed tags only:

  • Details of names you wish to be treated as connected names for your tag

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