Data quality lock

Where non-validated data has been classified as most likely to be inaccurate and it has not been possible to subsequently validate it, a data quality lock will be applied after 30 days. This will suspend the domain name and stop it working.

For registrant data submitted through Channel Partners and Self-Managed tags Nominet will apply the data quality lock. For data submitted through an Accredited Channel Partner tag the registrar will apply the data quality lock.

Accredited Channel Partners have the optional facility to delete domain names suspended for poor data quality. You can perform this function through the Web Domain Manager.

Please note that domain names with a data quality lock can be renewed in the usual way, deleted by the registrar or deleted by us in the usual way approximately 90 days after expiry. New domain names can’t be created for contacts associated with a data quality lock.

The data quality lock can be applied through WDM and can be applied to contacts on the registrar’s tag.

For more information see our data validation process

Features of the data quality lock

  • Affects contacts, whether it is applied by referring to the contact ID or a domain associated with a particular contact.
  • Will be applied only to the specified contact.
  • Can only be applied to contacts that we have been unable to validate through our processes.
  • If the lock function is attempted on a contact with validated data an error will be given.
  • Once you lock a registrant contact, all domains registered to it will be suspended.
  • Suspended domains cannot be transferred, nor their tag changed.

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