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What does good registrant data look like?

The .UK WHOIS no longer displays the registrant’s name or address, unless they have given permission to do so – all other data shown in the current .UK WHOIS will remain the same. See ‘GDPR Changes’

Register entry

A correctly completed domain name register entry will look like this:

[Registrant’s Name]
[Registrant's company, charity or organisation number]
[Street Address]
[2-letter Country code]

Registrant name

Examples of good registrant names are given below:

Mr John Smith

John Smith Ltd

John Smith Plc

John Smith LLP

Trading names

If a registrant uses a trading name then the trad-name register command should be used.

The two name fields are then presented together like this in the WHOIS output:

Registrant: Mr John Smith

Trading as: John Smith & Son
Command Description Example Status
Org-name Registrant name Mr John Smith Required
Trad-name Registrant’s trading name if they use one John Smith & Sons Optional

Registrant address

An example of a good address is given below:

Minerva House
11 Edmund Halley Road

Address line  Description Status
Minerva House Building or house name Optional
11 Edmund Halley Road Building or house number & street name Required
Oxford Town or City Required
Oxon County Optional
OX4 4DQ Postcode Required
GB 2-letter country code Required

Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4DQ, United Kingdom