Application process

To become a registrar you need to select which registrar service you wish to use.

UK Domain Family – Registry-Registrar Agreement

Our Registry-Registrar Agreement incorporates three tag types for registrars to choose from depending on who their customers are, the service levels they work to and whether they wish to make the most of the additional benefits of being accredited.

See Selecting your tag type for the benefits and obligations associated with each tag type. When you apply, simply select the tag type you wish to apply for.

.cymru and .wales domains – Registry Registrar Agreement

The link above gives you full details on signing up to our Registry Registrar Agreement

Application Process

You will then need to complete and submit an application form.

After we have received your application, we will take up bank and trade references with the referees you are asked to provide.  When we receive satisfactory references we will open a credit account for you. If your references are unsatisfactory or unavailable we will ask you to deposit a sum of money against your account before you can make any transactions using our registrar systems.

When your application is approved our Customer Services department will contact you with details of how you interface with our systems.

To sell our domains you also need to agree to the terms of our registrar agreements.

Registrars who are members of Nominet are entitled to receive preferential rates for domain name registrations and renewals in the UK namespace.

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