Getting started with BI

Getting the most out of BI

If you just need a quick snapshot of your business activity, Business Intelligence now offers monthly summary reports and alerts on specific activity.

Up-to-date reporting

With BI you can access up-to-date data analysis on your .uk domain registrations against the rest of the market, to help you to make the best business decisions.

You can filter the view of your data, by tags on your account and time period.

The different reports that you can access include:


Get a handy snapshot of your month to date and average daily registrations and renewal rates, allowing you to go on and do more detailed analysis of your data.

Total on register

View the total number of registrations on your tag as a percentage of the register. You can also view the total number of registrations by suffix.


You can view your registrations by volume, by suffix or tag.


You can view your renewals by renewal rate and volume as well as a percentage of the register.


The forecasting report allows you to look at forecasted renewals by renewal rate and volumes.  You can also view renewal forecasts by age of domain.


The transfer report allows you to see the number of transfers on and off tag, as well as which tags domains were gained from and where they went to.


In this report you can view cancellations by volume.

For all of these reports you can filter your views as well as export them to various different formats for you to do further analysis and reporting.

Setting up monthly reports

To get a snapshot of all of the reports in the BI system you can now simply download a pdf via the ‘summary report’ tab at the top of the dashboard.

You can also sign up to get these reports on a monthly basis via email. Under the summary report tab click subscribe, and you can add up to five recipients.

For a more detailed analysis of your data and to create tailored reports, you should continue to view the individual reports within BI. From there you can print off or download data as a pdf or excel file.

Setting up BI alerts

Get notified on when you reach key figures. You can set up alerts in BI to notified by email when you monthly growth rate, registrations by volume, or renewal rates reach a certain limits.

You can set the parameters you wish, and subscribe to alerts for your account.

Login to BI to set this up.

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