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EPP registration

You need to register to use our live EPP service. We strongly recommend that you also use our EPP testbed to check your implementation and use of EPP before using the live service.

How to Register for EPP

Log into the Online Service using your tag admin contact or main account admin contact details.
Sign up for the live EPP service at Tag Settings>EPP Live.
Enter a secure password for use in EPP login commands. This password must have at least 14 characters.
Specify the IP address from which you will connect to the EPP service.

How to Connect to the EPP Server

Obtain an EPP client (we have no plans to provide one).
In order to verify the identity of the secure server you will need the ‘Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority’ root certificate available free from www.verisign.com (the certificate is also distributed with most web browsers).
Connect to the secure server at epp.nominet.org.uk, port: 700.
Connections can only be made from the IP address specified above.

Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4DQ, United Kingdom