Emergency Backend Registry Operator

Nominet is one of only three Emergency Backend Registry Operators (EBERO) providers globally selected by ICANN to help in the event of a failure of a generic top-level domain (gTLD).

Nominet currently operates the following EBERO top-level domains:


What does this mean for registrants?

Existing domain names registered under these top-level domains are safe and will continue to operate while ICANN determines the long term plans for the top-level domain.  Your existing registrar will still be able to support you if updates are needed to the domain name.

What does this mean for registrars?

To continue to support updates the top-level domains for your customers, existing registrars will need to re-configure their EPP clients to connect to the EBERO EPP host names above to continue to manage domain names.

A top-level domain operating in EBERO mode, which stems from the Common Transition Process manual, differs in some key elements as follows:

  • Domains do not expire but retain their existing expiry dates.

  • Domains do not auto-renew.

  • It is not possible to: CREATE a new domain, DELETE an existing domain, RENEW an exisiting domain or TRANSFER an existing domain between registrars.

  • Updates to existing domains are limited to only those affecting <contact:*>, <ns:*>, <secDNS:*>, <registrant:*>. We note this does mean that EPP status values can no longer be updated by the client but they are adhered to.

We encourage all registrars with existing domains to connect to our EPP systems and continue to support their registrants where any permitted updates are required.

For registrar support please contact [email protected].

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