.gov.uk Registrant Information

From the 26th June 2024, Nominet will operate the .gov.uk Registry for and on behalf of the Central Digital & Data Office (CDDO), a part of the Cabinet Office. CDDO have introduced stricter requirements for being a domain registrar within the .gov.uk registry as part of the changes.

Will my registrar still be able to support my domain?


  • Registrars are required to sign a new Registry-Registrar Agreement with Nominet and come into full compliance with it by the end of September 2024.
    • If your registrar is listed on .gov.uk Registrars then your registrar is prepared and ready for the changes you do not need to take any further action.
    • If your registrar is not listed on that page then it could mean:
      • they are still working through the legal process of signing up, they have until 8am on 26th June 2024 to sign.
      • they have decided to become a reseller of another registrar.
      • they have decided to leave the .gov.uk registrar market.
      • If your registrar is not listed you may wish to contact them and check their intention.

If my registrar will not support .gov.uk will my domain name stop working?

No; Nominet are preparing a smooth off-boarding path for existing registrars that will not impact domains.

  • Prior to the 26th June Jisc are working with registrars who are leaving the registrar market to move their domains to another registrar.
  • On 26th June there will be no impact.
  • Nominet will start working with registrars that have chosen not to sign the new agreement to transition their domains to a registrar that has signed the agreement.

What changes should I expect from June 26th?

  1. Domain names will follow a lifecycle process similar to generic top level domains (gTLDs) like .cymru, .wales or .com.
    • They can be registered and renewed with an expiry date no more than 10 years in the future.
  2. The Registration Data Directory Service (formerly known as WHOIS) for .gov.uk will be queried from Nominet’s Lookup tool.
  3. Some registrars may need to update the terms of service with you at the time of renewal of your domain.

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