Nominet acts as Registry Operator for the Registry under contract to the registry owner, Central Digital and Data Office (“CDDO”), a part of the Cabinet Office. Registrars contract with Nominet to access the registry but registrar data within these CDDO accounts in Nominet’s systems is accessible by both Nominet and CDDO. Full details of the Registry can be found on the Registry page.

It should be noted that all CDDO accounts operate independently of any other account you may have in Nominet’s systems although the same user credentials can be shared across all your accounts.

Registrar contacts

Registrars can have multiple users access their registrar account, you must keep up to date the list of authorised users to protect the security of your account.

All registrar users are required to use time based two-factor authentication.

Nominet will use the main administrative contact on your registrar account for any compliance matters.

Abuse contacts

All registrars are required to have ‘abuse’ contacts listed on their accounts that Nominet will publish. To set your abuse contact please login to your account and navigate to > Account Settings > Roles > gTLD registrar > gTLD Registrar Abuse.

Any accounts that do not have this set will automatically publish the main Administrative contact as the default abuse contact.

Financial information

CDDO accounts operate with a billing and payment account in Pounds Sterling (GBP).

Payments can be made to a CDDO account either by online card payment in online services which is immediate; or by BACS payment which will be processed manually. For details of BACS payment please contact Nominet’s support team.

Transactions are debited from your CDDO payment account as and when they happen. Consolidated invoices for all these transactions are issued monthly in the following calendar month according to the standard Nominet billing process.

Support contact

All support queries in relation to CDDO accounts should be directed to [email protected].

Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4DQ, United Kingdom