.gov.uk Registry-Registrar Agreement

Version: 1.1 – 10th July 2024 

The following documents comprise the Registry-Registrar Agreement legal terms and conditions which apply to all .gov.uk registrars. By completing an application to become a .gov.uk Approved Registrar all applicants are deemed to have accepted all of the .gov.uk registry terms and conditions and associated policies. 

  1. All .gov.uk registrars need to meet on an ongoing basis the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) criteria to be a .gov.uk registrar at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/criteria-to-be-a-govuk-approved-registrar 
  2. The Nominet Registry-Registrar Base Agreement terms and conditions set out at https://registrars.nominet.uk/registry/nominet/rrba 
  3. The Nominet privacy policy and data processing terms as set out in Nominet’s privacy notice at https://www.nominet.uk/privacy-notice/  
  4. The .gov.uk Registry Operational Policies set out at https://registrars.nominet.uk/registry/dot-gov-uk/policies  
  5. The .gov.uk Registry is ultimately owned by the CDDO, a part of the Cabinet Office. Registrars are required to comply with, and bind their registrants to, the Domain Name Registration and Management Rules set out by CDDO at https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-and-manage-a-gov-uk-domain-name together with the additional terms which are required to be incorporated into .gov.uk agreements at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/additional-terms-for-govuk-agreements  
  6. Registrars agree that the data within the .gov.uk registry will be shared with CDDO and must ensure their agreements with registrants obtain this agreement. 

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