.UK modernisation, standardisation and legacy service retirement consultation

Since 2022, we have been discussing a proposal for .UK EPP Standardisation with Registrars. All previous materials, session recordings and polling data were made publicly available at the time and are available to view.

The feedback has been invaluable in helping us to refine and expand our initial thinking. Between January and April 2024 we consulted on proposals to make significant changes to the .UK platform that will modernise our processes, standardise our technical systems in line with IETF standards, and retire some of our legacy services.

The combined proposals in the consultation are extensive but will result in a simplified operating environment for Registrars and Registrants while modernising the underlying systems. The diagram below provides a visual summary of how we expect .UK to evolve into the proposed new setup.

During the consultation we ran a number of webinars to explain more about the proposals. If you were unable to attend any of these the sessions have been recorded and are available to watch on-demand.

We are now reviewing all of the feedback received. Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultation.

Alongside submitting a written response there have been a variety of opportunities for stakeholders to find out more about the proposals: If you were unable to attend any of these, the sessions have been recorded and available to watch on-demand.  

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