UK contact types

You can set up contacts in your Online Services account based on the functions you need. Different types of contacts have different security permissions such as the ability to make changes to your account, services and service settings or make payments.

Account administrative contact

You can have up to 3 account admin contacts. Each can edit organisation details, manage all contact details and addresses for all services on the account, view their credit account summary and transaction history, pay invoices online, manage all the services on their account (e.g. tags, Searchable Whois, Web Domain Manager, EPP settings, DAC settings) and view all their current service applications. If you have more than one admin contact, one of them must be designated the main contact. 

Account technical contact

You can have up to 100 account technical contacts. Each can manage all the services on their account (e.g. tags, Searchable Whois, Web Domain Manager, EPP settings, DAC settings) and view all their current service applications.  

Account billing contact

The billing contact can view the credit account summary and transaction history, and pay invoices online for all services related to the account. The billing contact does not have access to services such as PGP keys or Web Domain Manager. By default the billing contact is set as the main admin contact unless changed. You can set up to 3 billing contacts. 

Service contacts

Each of the services on your account has a set of contacts.

  • The service admin contact can manage contacts and address details and other aspects of the service with which they are associated.  A tag admin contact for example will be able to manage the contacts and addresses for their tag, edit their public details, edit their notification addresses and manage their PGP key as well as accessing web domain manager.
  • A service billing contact will have the same permissions as the main account billing contact for invoices or the credit account relating to the service (or tag) with which they are associated.
  • The service technical contact has access to all of the technical aspects of the service to which they are associated. For example the Tag technical contact can access PGP keys, Web Domain Manager, DAC IP addresses and EPP settings relating to the tag, but none of the admin or billing functions will be available.

Membership contact

Unless it is specifically changed, the membership contact will be the account main contact.  The membership contact is the person who is responsible for membership related issues with Nominet (examples include: exercising voting rights at Annual General Meetings; electing non-executive directors to our board; and electing members to the Policy Advisory Body). If changed, the membership contact will not have access to service functions such as PGP keys, EPP settings and Web Domain Manager.

Abuse contact

This contact will be used when we need to query a registrar about abusive or illegal activity occurring on a domain name. Examples of how this contact will be used include:

  • if we have questions about abusive or illegal activity occurring on your account
  • if we have questions about your use of the Lock operation
  • if we need to make you aware of any security or abusive activity within our namespace that may have an operational impact.

We may share this contact information with law enforcement agencies and anyone wanting to contact a registrar about illegal activity. For registrars with Self Managed tags that may not have provided an abuse contact, we will query the admin contact instead.

Nominet support contact

We will use this contact if there are any complaints or support issues where we need to speak to (or email) a named registrar contact in order to resolve a particular issue promptly. Typically this contact will be a customer support manager or complaints manager.

We will not make these contact details public or divulge them to individual customers without your permission.

Both of these contacts are simply named contacts and do not need to be account holders or have a log in to online services.

To set these contacts, the admin account holder should log into their online service account. This will ensure that we can directly and quickly contact the correct person within your organisation to resolve abuse or customer service issues.

The contacts are tag specific so if you have multiple tags on your account you can set different contacts for each tag. To set these contacts, log into your registrar account in online service and go to Tag Settings > Notification Settings.

Whilst there please also check that any other contacts on your account are set correctly.

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