Tag Naming Principles

A Tag is an easy to remember system identifier. Once you have selected the appropriate type of Tag for your business (Accredited/Channel Partner or Self-Managed) you will be allocated a Tag name.  

 There are some key principles that we consider when allocating a Tag name:  

  • The Tag should have an affiliation to your business name, trading name, personal name or trading URL. This can be abbreviated and should not be too generic e.g. ‘internet,’ ‘domain,’ etc 
  • The Tag name should, as a general rule, be between 5 and 16 characters in length  
  • The Tag name must only contain letters, numerals and hyphens. No special characters or non ascii characters are allowed.
  • The name cannot be confusingly similar to an existing Tag. If we  determine the Tag name requested is too similar to an existing Tag name the application is likely to be rejected 
  • Words that risk causing offense or bringing Nominet into disrepute are not allowed.  

 We will work with you to allocate a suitable name however Tag names are allocated at our sole discretion.  

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