Channel Partner

Channel Partner tag

To demonstrate your compliance with the Registrar Agreement standard you must submit information via Online Services on how you meet the requirements set out in our Registrar Agreement, including:

  • How you meet the customer service level commitments set out in the Registrar Agreement
  • How you make customers aware of your complaints procedures
  • How you make customers aware of Terms and Conditions
  • How you provide the required information on your customer website
  • How you provide a contact for reporting websites considered abusive or other domain abuse
  • How you ensure your resellers comply with the standards in the Registrar Agreement
  • What connections you have with other registrars

Annual Registrar Reviews will take place and this information is required for the review. Ad hoc reviews may take place if an issue requires investigation.

Updating information in Online Services

From the Online Services home page select the relevant tag in the ‘Your tags’ section and then select the option to ‘Update’.