Credit account

We issue our invoices by email on the 8th of each month. We will charge the amount given in each of your monthly invoices to your credit account in the currency the registry trades in.  Invoices include all the domain names that you have registered or renewed from the first day of the previous month to midnight on the last day of the previous month inclusive.

  • For .UK we issue separate invoices for domain name registrations and renewals.
  • For other registries we issue consolidated invoices.

Credit and payment terms apply for all existing and new registrars.

Credit limits

Each registry operator using the Nominet platform set their own credit limits which apply across all top level domains in their registry.

On a registrar exceeding an agreed limit, we may choose to extend the limit or suspend the registrar from chargeable transactions.

Cancelling transactions

Grace periods apply for the registrations and renewals, where a domain is deleted in the relevant grace period any charge is refunded. Domain names deleted outside of these grace periods will be charged and we will not issue credit notes.

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