OT&E and Testbed

Operational test and evaluation (OT&E) environment and Testbed

Two systems are available for testing.

  • OT&E: This mirrors the production system
  • Testbed: This mirrors the production system and is used to deploy new functionality to ahead of release to production

How to register for the EPP OT&E/Testbed environment

  • Login into the Online Service
  • Sign up for the OT&E service at ‘gTLD OT&E Setting’
  • Select the gTLD registry to administer settings for
  • Enter a password to use in EPP login commands. This must contain at least 14 characters, to increase security
  • Specify the IP address from which you will connect to the EPP service
  • Connectivity will be available within one hour
  • These details can be changed at any time, and will be reflected on the server within one hour

How to connect to the EPP OT&E/Testbed server

  • Obtain a certificate from a well known public CA (Certificate Authority) and any intermediate certificates in the chain
  • Upon connection submit both the certificate and any other certificates within the chain up to the root CA
  • Connections may only be made from the IP address specified in your online account
  • A WHOIS server is available for the OT&E environment
  • Server names are setup per TLD as follows (the text ‘tld’ in each server name needs to be replaced with the appropriate TLD, as shown in the example for .wales)
Environment Service Server name for TLD Port Example server for .wales
OT&E EPP ote-tld.epp.nominet.uk 700 ote-wales.epp.nominet.uk
WHOIS ote-tld.whois.nominet.uk 43 ote-wales.epp.nominet.uk
RDAP https://ote-rdap.nominet.uk/tld 443 https://ote-rdap.nominet.uk/wales
Testbed EPP testbed-tld.epp.nominet.uk 700 testbed-wales.epp.nominet.uk
WHOIS testbed-tld.whois.nominet.uk 43 testbed-wales.epp.nominet.uk
RDAP https://testbed-rdap.nominet.uk/tld 443 https://testbed-rdap.nominet.uk/wales


Objects existing in the live registry, such as domains and contacts, are NOT replicated in the OT&E environment. Only a clone of your registrar account will appear in the dataset.

Testing registrar transfers

In order to test registrar transfers, a second registrar account has been provided for all registrars on the OT&E environment with identical connection IP addresses and passwords. There is a cloned CLID to test registrar transfers. The cloned CLID has an underscore (‘_’) appended to it. The name of the cloned CLID is generated as follows:

  • If the CLID has less than 16 characters, the cloned login CLID is the same as the original with trailing ‘_’. For example, if the CLID is ‘EXAMPLE’, the cloned CLID is ‘EXAMPLE_’.
  • If the CLID has 16 characters, the final character has been replaced with a ‘_’. For example, if the CLID is ‘EXAMPLE-WITH-16C’, the cloned CLID is ‘EXAMPLE-WITH-16_’.

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