Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs)

gTLD IDNs supported
.cymru Welsh
.wales Welsh
.bradesco Not currently supported
.broadway Not currently supported
.gop Spanish

There are no anticipated development concerns for registrars in relation to the support of IDNs, but should any registrars have any questions please call us our Customer Services Team to discuss.

* Additional .cymru/.wales IDN information

.cymru .wales IDN provision have the following properties:

  • Second level IDNs are supported.
  • The Welsh language with the language tag “cy” is supported in both the .cymru and .wales registries.
  • The domain name must be specified in EPP using the ASCII form.
  • No extensions are required to EPP to define language tags or scripts as only a single language and scripts are available, namely Welsh and Latin respectively.
  • For each original registration a single variant may be created with the same text but without (or with if the original is plain-text) diacritic characters, at no cost – i.e. if the original registration is tô we can create
  • Variants may only be registered by the registrant of the original registration using the registrar of record.
  • Variants will be mirrors of original registrations and as such will have no attributes of their own, except for DNSSEC signing records.
  • All management of a variant is done via the original registration, except for DNSSEC signing records.
  • Both the original & variant will be published in the DNS zonefile, with the same nameservers.
  • As variants are mirrors they will follow the lifecycle of the original domain.

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