Registry Fee Extensions for EPP

The Nominet Registry Services platform supports EPP extensions that help registrars manage domains with a non-standard (or premium) pricing policy, as well as provide visibility of their credit account balance and credit limit.

Supported extensions Status on platform Registry Operators
draft-ietf-regext-epp-fees-07 Recommended Nominet (.cymru / .wales) and Amazon TLDs
draft-brown-epp-fees-02 Supported Amazon TLDs

The fee extension allows registrars to check the price of an operation and submit an expected price for an operation which must match the actual price for the operation to succeed.

The supported features of the EPP Fees extension are:

fee:check – check the price of one of the following operations:

  • create
  • update
  • transfer
  • restore

In addition to the price, the response returned by a fee:check, will have a fee:class element with one of the following values:

fee:class Meaning Notes
premium The domain has a non-standard domain specific pricing policy. Domains with this setting may have a different pricing for any one type of transaction. The fee extension may be used to confirm the pricing.
standard The domain uses the TLD default pricing policy. All Domains with this setting inherit the TLD default prices.  The fee extension can be used to confirm the pricing.

Account Balance and Credit limit

For Registry Operators where Nominet manage the billing and credit limits as shown in online services, we include the registrar’s account balance and total credit limit as defined in the Internet drafts.

Phases and Sub-phases supported

In the fee extension you can specify the phase you are seeking the price for; the phases are specified as follows.

Phase Meaning
Sunrise phase=”sunrise”
Landrush phase=”claims” subphase=”landrush”
Claims Period in General Availability phase=”claims” subphase=”open”
General Availability phase=”open”

If no phase is specified in the fee:check request then prices will default to the current phase.  When using the phase “claims”, the “subphase” element must be provided and must be set to one of the options above.

Support for domains with non-standard pricing policies for registrars.

Nominet’s Registry Services Platform can support three different options to match registrar’s policies on managing domains with non-standard pricing policies.

Registrar cofiguration for non-standard pricing policy domains Meaning Effect
Not supported Registrar does not support domains with non-standard pricing and cannot carry out a proactive chargeable transaction for those domains. A registrar will be unable to carry out a transaction for a name at a non-standard price.  This setting does not affect auto-renews, however a new create or transfer would fail.
Supported: price confirmation required Registrar may support domains with non-standard pricing and must confirm the transaction cost by means of the fee extension to carry out a proactive transaction. If a registrar does not use the fee extension to carry out a transaction or gets the price wrong, then the transaction will fail.  If a registrar does use the fee extension and confirms the correct price a transaction will succeed.  This setting does not affect auto-renews, or domains with TLD standard pricing.
Supported: unrestricted  Registrar can make a transaction for a non-standard priced name in an unrestricted manner and no confirmation of price is required. A registrar will be able to make a transaction without knowing and confirming the price.

Registry Operator non-standard priced name support policy

Nominet recommends the usage of “Supported; price confirmation required” as a default configuration in a TLD to ensure a registrar understands the price of the name they are requesting.  Registry Operators are free to make a policy decision of how they configure any individual registrar’s access to domains with non-standard pricing policies.  The current policies known to Nominet are as follows:

Registry Operator Registry Operator’s chosen policy
Nominet (.cymru / .wales) Nominet TLDs do not support non-standard pricing; the extension can be used to understand balance and credit limits

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