EPP for gTLDs

​All registration and management of domains can be done using the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP). This will be available over both IPv4 and IPv6. Our EPP service complies with the following Request for Comments (RFCs):

Extension Nominet TLDs Amazon TLDs
RFC 5730 – Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
RFC 5731 – Domain Name Mapping
RFC 5732 – Host Mapping
RFC 5733 – Contact Mapping
RFC 5734 – EPP transport over TCP
RFC 3915 – Domain Registry Grace Period Mapping
RFC 5910 – Domain Name System Security Extensions Mapping
Registry Fee extension
IDN extension X
Token based registration extension X
Launch phase mapping ** X
Validate Mapping for EPP  X

The above RFCs contain example XML for the standard EPP commands and response codes.

First Come First Served Sunrise Phase

Only check and create commands.

** During the launch phases transfer, delete and update operations will not be permitted for applications.

How to connect to the EPP server

Establish a TLS connection to the relevant EPP server using a valid certificate from a well known public CA (Certificate Authority) and any intermediate certificates in the chain.

TLD EPP Hostname Port
gTLDs “TLD”.epp.nominet.uk 700

Nominet EPP implementation

Nominet has implemented its EPP provision with the following attributes:

  • We require TLS 1.2 or higher for gTLD EPP connections.
  • The number of concurrent sessions that can be established with the EPP interface will be limited to 5 per registrar.
  • Command volumes will not be explicitly limited by session. Some commands may, however, be limited if they prove to be abusive e.g. excessive deletes during the add-grace period. Overall command volumes may be limited if it is excessive and causing a degraded service for other registrars.
  • The idle timeout for a connection is 30 minutes.
  • There is no limit to the length of time that an active connection can be used.

EPP check command

Where a domain is unavailable, a domain:check command will show the reason in the following cases:

Id Domain Status EPP response
1 The domain is registered <domain:reason>Registered</domain:reason>
2 The domain is reserved across multiple TLDs <domain:reason>Reserved A</domain:reason>
3 The domain is reserved <domain:reason>Reserved</domain:reason>

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