Dragon Domain Manager

Dragon Domain Manager is our new web based domain manager used by both registrars and registry operator clients.

Which registrars can use it?

  1. .gov.uk registrars use Dragon Domain Manager for all their .gov.uk domains.
  2. gTLD registrars on Nominet’s platform now have access to Dragon Domain Manager alongside the existing gTLD Web Domain manager. gTLD Web Domain Manager will eventually be retired.

Where can I find Dragon Domain Manager?

As a registrar log into Online Services and for all accounts except the primary .UK registry you will find a new panel in your dashboard.

What does Dragon Domain Manager landing page contain?

Dragon Domain Managers landing page will by default list all domains that your username has access to across all registrar accounts you have access to on our RSP platform. You no longer need to select the registry or the account that you need to be in to view your domains.

How do I create a domain in Dragon Domain Manager?

  1. Before creating a domain in Dragon Domain Manager you must first create the registrant (and any other) contacts you will use for the domain through the ‘Contacts’ menu. (We have plans to streamline this.)
  2. Once you have created the contacts you can use ‘Create’ from the Domains menu to list the domains you wish to create and follow the options for the domain settings.
    • For registries such as .gov.uk and .pharmacy that require tokens for domain creates you have 2 options:
      • You can include the domain followed by a space and then the token; or
      • On the next page you will be asked for the token.

How do I transfer a domain from another registrar to my registrar account?

  1. Obtain a Transfer Authorisation Code (“TAC”) from the existing registrar via the registrant.
  2. Search for the domain and go to the domain information page.
  3. On the domain information page you can supply the TAC and submit request transfer.

The registrant does not want to renew their domain, what should I do?

Registrars have an auto-renew grace period during which they may delete any domains that should not be renewed. Registrars will be refunded during this grace period only.

Can I search for domains that do not belong to me?

Yes you can search for domains by name, but you will only have visibility of the public information unless you sponsor the current domain.

Can I use Dragon Domain Manager for my .UK TAG?

Not yet, we are working on integrating .UK.

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