21st September 2021 – Renewal Change Notice

We wanted to make all registrars aware of a change to system behaviour that will affect registrars that send renewal commands more than 90 days after the expiry of a domain name. Recent scheduled maintenance activity included a clean-up of code that now means that if a renewal request is submitted once a domain is scheduled for cancellation, error code v194 will be returned and the renewal will fail.

This is the intended behaviour for the .UK domain lifecycle, which provides a 90 day window post domain expiry, in which to renew a domain name (30 days plus an additional 60 days during which the domain name is suspended). For clarity, renewals are permitted until the end of the 90th day post expiry – this is linked exactly to the time the domain was registered/expired, so the “end of the 90th day post expiry” will vary between domain names. Please use the domain:info EPP command to determine the time and date of registration/expiry.

We would like to apologise to our registrars for not giving appropriate notice of this change.

To avoid any risk to the safe processing of a renewal, please ensure all domains that you wish to renew on behalf of a customer or on your own behalf are processed BEFORE the 91st day post expiry.

Until the end of October we will do our best to support registrars with the manual renewal of a domain name on day 91 – please contact our customer care services team on +44 1865 332233 or via [email protected] during office hours (Mon – Fri 8am-6pm). Ensuring renewal requests are processed on or before day 90 is the best way to ensure a domain name is renewed.

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