Drop Lists

  • We generate and publish a drop list at the same time each day. In the event of any technical issue with the generation or publication of the list, then it will be published later that day.
  • There are two files:
    • Drop list – a gzipped CSV file including the full list of domains which will be purged and the following fields:
      • ROID (Repository Object Identifier)
      • Domain
      • Drop time in UTC
    • A checksum file.
  • The files are provided using gzip as that allows the files to be read and parsed without first decompressing them.
  • For most users missing a single day or two of a drop list will not have a meaningful impact as the details will remain in the next list (or have been in previous lists). If you are automating the downloading of the drop lists we recommend you follow this suggested approach to make the process more robust:
    1. Before downloading the drop list or its checksum file firstly check the ‘Last modified’ HTTP header using a command like: curl -L -I <URL>
    2. If the Last Modified header shows our file to be new, then download the file. Otherwise try again later.
    3. The checksum file can be used to:
      1. compare with your previous download to check if the file is updated; and/or
      2. verify the integrity of the drop list file.
  • The drop list will include all domains which may drop as well as those which will drop, so it will be very long. However, if a domain is renewed it will be removed from the next daily list. It is not possible to renew a domain in the last 5 day period.
  • Domains which will drop (as opposed to may drop) are therefore only confirmed for the next 5 day period, at any one time.
  • Domains which are cancelled prior to expiry (except those in the add grace period which drop immediately) will be included on drop lists.

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