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Email verification

Where the 3rd level and the application for the 2nd level have the same registrar, then that registrar will be responsible for authenticating the applicant by whichever means they deem appropriate (e.g. applicant has logged into their account with the registrar).

When a right is exercised through a registrar who is different to the registrar of the existing third level domain with rights, email verification will be required. This is to ensure that it is the actual registrant of the third level domain that is applying for the .uk and it is not a fraudulent registration attempt.

Verification refers to email address only, and implies that the email address is operational, and we can be reasonably satisfied that it provides means to contact that registrant.

In this situation we will email the registrant and ask them to authenticate the registration of the .uk domain name. The registrant will have seven days to do this and the domain name will not be operational until the authentication has been completed. If the authentication is not completed within this time period then the domain name will be cancelled and the registrar will not be invoiced. It will be possible to apply again for the domain name as the right will not be lost.

The email we send to the registrant is as follows:

Subject: Authentication request


Domain Name(s):

<domain name(s)>

Thank you for applying to register your domain name(s).

The registrar you have registered <this/these> domain(s) through is different to the registrar you have previously used. In order to complete this application we need to confirm that the email address provided is valid. Please click the link below to confirm that this is your email address and that you have applied to register <this/these>  domain name(s).


If you have any difficulty clicking the link you can copy and paste the link into your web browser to complete the authentication request.

This email is valid for 7 days after which the authentication link will expire.  If you need  any help with completing your authentication please contact our Customer Services team on 01865 332222.

Kind regards,
Data Validation Team
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