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Deployment plan


We released the DNSSEC Signing Service as a beta / public pilot on 21 July 2011.

The pilot is integrated with EPP and Web Domain Manager, however during the pilot phase we recommend that the service is only used for test purposes, and we will provide a "best effort" level of support.  This will change to a fully-supported production system later in the year.

  • The pilot will operate on 'live' data, and provide DS records that will validate. Those zones will be continue to be signed following live transition.  (We considered returning obfuscated DS records, but have decided that it would be more useful to be able to properly validate zones used for testing.)

EPP will allow all domains for any TLD to be signed, the DS record can be retrieved using an EPP info command and published in the appropriate parent zone; Web Domain Manager will initially operate only on Nominet-administered (i.e. .uk) domains.

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