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Searchable WHOIS changes

At a glance

  • The standard Searchable WHOIS will continue to be available, but will only include name and contact details where registrants have consented for their data to be published in the WHOIS to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Those outside law enforcement requiring further data to enforce their rights will be able to request this through our existing Data Release policy.
  • An enhanced version of our Searchable WHOIS service, will be available free of charge to LEAs listed in schedule D of the new .UK RRA. This will come into force on 22nd May 2018. 
  • Users of the enhanced version will have access to the names and addresses we hold on a domain by domain basis.
  • Nominet will contact users of the enhanced Searchable WHOIS to enable sign up and account setup for 22nd May 2018

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