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Nominet support fund 2020

The Nominet Support Fund (NSF) is designed to support registrars and their registrants in the current unexpected difficult economic circumstances. Registrars can apply for funds to support their registrants that may be experiencing financial difficulty when renewing their .UK domains and provide a discount to their registrants in the knowledge that Nominet will reciprocate with a financial relief package by way of providing 10% of eligible renewed domains free of charge. 

How does it work?  

Registrars may choose to provide a discount to registrants whose .UK renewals are scheduled to expire between the 1st April and 31st May 2020. To be eligible to sign up to the NSF registrars must email Nominet and request participation in the fund. They must also inform Nominet of the offer/fee that they propose to provide to their registrants on the domain fee (we understand that the domain only will not always be the sole reason for non-renewal). This fee should be less than the renewal fee you currently charge and is only applicable to one-year renewals. 

The criteria for the NSF are: 

  • The NSF will run from the 1st April to the 31st May 2020. Only renewals that are due to expire between the 1st April and 31st May 2020 are eligible 
  • The total discount available will be capped at the equivalent of 10% of the total one year renewal fee (based on the Nominet wholesale price of £3.90 per domain) due for the domains that expire between 1st April and 31st May 2020 and are actually renewed  
  • The registrar will provide Nominet with a list by the 8th of the following month of the domains that are eligible for the NSF (specific domains for which the registrar offered discounted fees, and were subsequently renewed) 
  • Renewals will be invoiced at full wholesale price; the discount will be applied by means of a credit against the invoice for that month’s renewals. e.g. Registrar renews 100 domains in April; submits a list of 10 domains on May 8th. Registrar is invoiced for 100 renewals at full price on May 8 but a credit will be applied to Registrar’s invoice for 10*£3.90 after the invoice is issued
  • This offer will only apply to renewals. New registrations are not included 
  • Any applications received from 1st May 2020 onwards will only be eligible to apply for support for .UK Family one-year renewals renewed in May 2020
  • Sign up is by TAG 
  • Approval for NSF payment(s) is at Nominet’s discretion and Nominet reserve the right to turn down any registrar’s application for the NSF if the registrar is not providing financial support to its customer base or if insufficient information is provided to support the application. The application form is available here


How do I apply?  

Applications can be made easily online here and one of the Nominet team will come back to you within five working days to talk through your requirements. Your request will then be reviewed and we will confirm whether you are eligible to participate in the NSF. 

What if I am a wholesale registrar selling through resellers?  

We still want to work with you and your channel to support their customers. We are happy to talk through how this may work and how we can support your resellers and their registrants. Please do contact us.   

Why is this NSF only on one-year renewals?  

We are providing this offer due to the current exceptional circumstances. Our aim is to support as many registrants as possible to stay online and to support as many registrars as we can during this difficult time. Other co-marketing and promotional offers may be made available later in the year, subject to requirements and circumstances.  

I have a self-managed tag.  What help is available for me?    

The NSF is designed to help registrants but we recognise that Self-Managed TAGs may also be going through a difficult time. Please contact us so that we can understand your unique situation, what support you would like from Nominet and we can review. 

What evidence do I need to supply?  

The NSF is aimed at supporting registrants through their registrars; we will ask you what steps you are taking to support registrants that maybe struggling to afford their website. Nominet recognises that we are only one aspect of the overall cost of being online but we would like to help where we can.  

I am finding it difficult to pay my invoices, how can you help me? 

We understand that each registrar will have their own unique situation and we want to talk to each registrar individually to see how we might support them.   

What level of discounts are available?  

Support is available for domains that are due to expire between the 1st April and 31st May 2020. We will provide a credit for the wholesale renewal fees for up to 10% of the qualifying domains that are renewed in this period on one year renewals only. 

A registrant would like to renew their domain early – can I support them using this fund?

At present, support is only available for domains due to expire and that are renewed between the 1st of April and the 31st of May 2020.

What evidence do I need to provide about the offer or discounts given to my registrants?

Nominet will ask you for a list of domains that you discounted to your registrants, and this list must comply with the qualifying criteria. While supporting evidence, such as screenshots if applicable, would be welcome, we understand that in many cases this is more likely to be a conversation with a registrant needing support from their registrar.

The impact of Covid-19 will be beyond the 31st May 2020, why is the NSF only available until then?

The intention was to help businesses seeing a sudden, dramatic drop in income due to the lockdown, to retain their online presence.  We will of course continue to monitor the situation.

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