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26 April 2017 – Testbed maintenance

On Wednesday 26 April the UK and gTLD testbed (Operational Test and Evaluation – OT&E) will be unavailable for approximately one hour 10:00 – 11:00 BST (UTC+1).

Changes being released during this maintenance window include changes to further standardise the UK EPP interface and changes to the gTLD domain:check response.

From 9 May the following changes will be implemented in the production environment:

  • UK EPP timestamps (crDate, exDate and update) are returned in UTC with the letter ‘Z’ on the end to denote this. Dates had previously been returned in the ‘Europe/London’ time zone but with no timezone indication in the output.
  • The schema namespace names used in errors will now match those used for reply. We had previously used ‘contact-ext’, ‘domain-ext’ and ‘secdns’ in errors; ‘contact-nom-ext’,’domain-nom-ext’ and ‘secDNS’ will now be used in common with reply entities.
  • The domain:crID and contact:crID fields in responses will be changed to show the tag name rather than the previous ‘created-by’ field. When we don’t have this information, this field will contain ‘UNKNOWN’.
  • The domain:upID field in responses will be changed to show the tag name rather than the previous ‘changed-by’ field. Where we don’t have this information, the field will contain ‘UNKNOWN’. This change will not be made for contact:upID as we don’t have the required data.
  • secDNS commands will require the secDNS schema to be declared at login.
  • Where a host has been marked as deleted, it will no longer be returned by a host:info command.

Users of UK EPP should ensure that their system are updated to accommodate these changes. These changes will be available for registrars in the UK testbed (OT&E) from 12 April 2017.

There will be a new field in the EPP XML response to domain:check commands for unavailability reasons.

The unavailability reasons will start to show for all registrars who do a domain:check in the following cases:

Id Domain status EPP response
1 The domain is registered <domain:reason>Registered</domain:reason>
2 The domain is reserved across multiple TLDs <domain:reason>Reserved A</domain:reason>
3 The domain is reserved <domain:reason>Reserved</domain:reason>

Users of Nominet’s gTLD EPP should ensure that their system can accommodate this additional optional information.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact our Customer Services team on +44.1865 332233 or email [email protected] 

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