Terms and Conditions Logo

If you provide .uk domain names to the public or your customers, you must tell them that registration is subject to Nominet's Terms and Conditions.

You do not have to use this logo to do that, but some registrars have requested that we provide a useful graphic to help them do this.

Therefore we have a Terms and Conditions logo which is available to enable you to link to our Terms and Conditions and bring them to your customers' attention.

You do not have an automatic right to use our trade marks, which include our logo. However, you can apply to use the Terms and Conditions logo if you meet the following criteria:-

(1) you sell .uk domain name registrations; and
(2) you accept the Terms of Use; and
(3) you agree to abide by the acceptable use policy (AUP); and
(4) we agree to enter into an agreement with you.

The logo is currently available in print and screen versions.

How to apply

If you would like to use the Terms and Conditions logo on your web site, or in printed form, and you agree to the Terms of Use and the AUP, you can apply through your online service account.  Please note that you will need to choose which domain tag you want to apply with.

When your application has been conditionally accepted, we will send you a file containing the Terms and Conditions logo and guidelines for usage. We will check after 14 days to see that you are correctly displaying the logo.

Old logo

If you are currently using the old Nominet logo to link to our terms and conditions please remove it from your website or print materials and apply to use the new terms and conditions logo.