Proxy Services Framework


In September 2018 we launched a 30-day comment period inviting feedback from stakeholders on a proposal for a new Proxy Services framework. On 14 November 2018 we announced that following this process we decided to proceed with a framework for these services.

Key features:

  • Only Accredited Channel Partners are eligible for participation.
  • Participating registrars will be required to submit either a suitable Proxy Service Incident Plan (PSIP), or ensure a suitable third-party data escrow scheme is in place.
  • For DRS claims, the Proxy Service Provider will have a two working days timeframe in which to supply details of the underlying registrant.
  • Proxy Service Providers will be obligated to respond to LEA data requests within a one working day timescale.
  • Participating registrars will be subject to an annual compliance audit to ensure underlying data is accurate.
  • Marketing must not imply that without proxy services personal data will be published by default.

A summary of the feedback and Nominet response can be found here. A revised version of the registry-registrar agreement has been published and is available here. The effective date for the new framework being 7 January 2019.

Accredited Channel Partners that wish to apply to provide a Proxy Service within the framework should email their expression of interest to the Compliance team.  We will send you an application pack with details on next steps.