System Announcements

New datacentres - systems outage

Following an extensive period of redesign we are preparing to redeploy parts of the Nominet infrastructure to two new datacentres. Stability and resilience, as well as security are extremely important to Nominet and we will be completing the infrastructure migration work in controlled stages.

The first part of this work will take place on Sunday 22 July 2012 when we will be making changes to parts of our current technical infrastructure to mitigate risk during the redeployment to the new datacentres.

At 09:00am (BST) on Sunday 22 July 2012 we will have a systems outage lasting about four hours. During this time our registration systems, Online Services and Business Intelligence (BI) will be unavailable. The Automaton will not process email requests, but they will be received and queued for processing when it restarts.

Please note Business Intelligence may be unavailable for a further hour after the 4-hour systems outage.

We will send a reminder about this extended systems outage seven days in advance.

Date Announced: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - 15:47