System Announcements

14 February 2017 - Planned System Maintenance

On Tuesday 14 February maintenance will be taking place for approximately two hours from 06:00 - 08:00 GMT (UTC).

The following systems will be unavailable during this time and connections will be reset:

  • EPP
  • Web Domain Manager
  • Online Services
  • Registrar Resources
  • WHOIS Services
  • Searchable WHOIS
  • Domain Availability Checker
  • Business Intelligence
  • Testbed (Operational Test & Evaluation)


Changes being released during this maintenance window include changes to the Registrar Change Handshake process. From 14 February the new format of these notifications will be updated.  An example is shown below:

The following message was sent from the Automaton:

A request has been made to release the 11 domain names:

Domain Name|Registration Status|Expiry|Created|Changed|dns0|dns1|dns2|dns3|dns4|dns5|dns6|dns7|dns8|dns9|Registered until expiry date.||20170111||||||||||||Registered until expiry date.|20190111|20170111||||||||||||Registered until expiry date.|20190111|20170111||||||||||||Registered until expiry date.|20190111|20170111|||||||||||


to the tag:


The transaction can be completed either by using Web Domain Manager

or the EPP handshake command with the case-id:


Account details for the domain names follow:

*account-name: account-name 120

*trad-name: trade-name 120

*type: LTD

*co-no: NI10120

*opt-out: N

*addr: street 120

*city: city 120

*county: county 120

*postcode: NW120 1ZZ

*country: GB

Users of the Registrar Change Handshake should ensure that their system are updated to accommodate this change.

If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on +44.1865 332233 or via email.

Date Announced: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 - 11:10