System Announcements

9 May 2017 - Planned System Maintenance

On Tuesday 9 May maintenance will be taking place for approximately two hours from 06:00 - 08:00 BST (UTC +1).

The following systems will be unavailable during this time and connections will be reset:

  • EPP
  • Web Domain Manager
  • Online Services
  • Domain Availability Checker
  • Searchable WHOIS
  • Business Intelligence
  • Testbed (Operational Test & Evaluation)

Changes being released during this maintenance window include changes to further standardise the UK EPP interface and changes to the gTLD domain:check response. 

From 9 May the following changes will be implemented.

  • UK EPP timestamps (crDate, exDate and update) are returned in UTC with the letter ‘Z’ on the end to denote this. Dates had previously been returned in the ‘Europe/London’ time zone but with no timezone indication in the output.
  • The schema namespace names used in errors will now match those used for reply. We had previously used ‘contact-ext’, ‘domain-ext’ and ‘secdns’ in errors; ‘contact-nom-ext’,’domain-nom-ext’ and ‘secDNS’ will now be used in common with reply entities.
  • The domain:crID and contact:crID fields in responses will be changed to show the tag name rather than the previous ‘created-by’ field. When we don’t have this information, this field will contain ‘UNKNOWN’.
  • The domain:upID field in responses will be changed to show the tag name rather than the previous ‘changed-by’ field. Where we don’t have this information, the field will contain ‘UNKNOWN’. This change will not be made for contact:upID as we don’t have the required data.
  • secDNS commands will require the secDNS schema to be declared at login.
  • Where a host has been marked as deleted, it will no longer be returned by a host:info command.

Users of UK EPP should ensure that their system are updated to accommodate these changes. These changes will be available for registrars in the UK testbed (OT&E) from 12 April 2017.

There will be a new field in the EPP XML response to domain:check commands for unavailability reasons.

The unavailability reasons will start to show for all registrars who do a domain:check in the following cases:


Domain status

EPP response


The domain is registered



The domain is reserved across multiple TLDs

<domain:reason>Reserved A</domain:reason>


The domain is reserved


Users of Nominet's gTLD EPP should ensure that their system can accommodate this additional optional information.

Also, following the successful launch of optional two-factor authentication (2FA) for registrars accessing Online Services, in 2014, 2FA will be mandatory for all registrars from 9 May 2017. More information on this can be found here

New mailing list preferences will also be made available for all .UK registrars and Nominet members. More information on these is available here

If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on +44.1865 332233 or via email.

Date Announced: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 10:06