Standardisation of VAT pricing representation on registrar sites

We have been advised by the Committee of Advertising Practice that they are undertaking a project to clarify the requirements for pricing in ads for web hosting and domain name services in a bid to ensure clarity for end users when exploring different sites and purchasing options.  From early March CAP will be closely monitoring ads in all media with a view to taking enforcement action against non- compliant price claims.
CAP have requested that registrars review price claims to ensure that they comply with CAP code. In instances where they do not, they are requesting  changes are made as soon as possible. This will apply to all ads covered by the CAP and BCAP Codes including print and press ads, broadcast ads, direct mailings, paid-for ads online , sponsored links, websites, social media and other non-paid-for space online under the advertisers  control.
For further information or free advice on your pricing compliance, please contact CAP Copy Advice team on

This work is being carried out by CAP and is not an initiative of Nominet, however we felt that it would be appropriate for us to inform you, as we have been approached regarding this matter.