Registrar Reviews – Three months to go

The new Registrar Agreement came into effect on 18th March 2014. It covers how we expect registrars to operate in respect of our registration systems, commitments to registrants, quality of data and our payment terms.

We are now at the half way point before Registrar Reviews begin and we wanted to remind you to do one of the following, if you haven’t already done so, by 22nd September 2014:

For tags created prior to 18 March 2014, you must either:

We can help you with selecting your tag type and the next steps.

Multiple Tags

You may hold multiple Channel Partner and Accredited Channel Partner tags.

If you have more than one tag you will need to choose a tag type and provide the relevant information for each one.

Further Information

For further information please go to the Registrar Agreement explained.

If you have any questions please contact our customer services team on 01865 332233 or email to