Greater security for online services rolled out today

Nominet is now offering registrars the option of further securing their Online Services account with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

2FA improves account security as an intruder would have to gain access to the device where 2FA is installed, as well as knowing the password. This therefore reduces the risk of DNS hijacking or confidential information being compromised.

2FA is optional for registrars and is offered at no additional cost. It uses the Google Authenticator apps and plug-ins, which are freely available on all major platforms.

The service is being made available to registrars in the first instance as part of a phased roll out, with a view to extending it to registrants in 2015.

It was tested in a pilot with a small number of registrars in September to ensure it meets registrar needs and strikes the right balance between security and convenience of use.

This service is part of a series of ongoing initiatives to boost the security of and trust in the UK namespace.

For more information on how to protect your Online Services account please see our 2FA user guide.