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Two-factor authentication roadmap

Nominet is committed to ensuring the .UK domain and gTLDs it operates are secure and trusted. Following the move to make two-factor authentication (2FA) for registrars accessing Online Services mandatory in 2017, we have received feedback from registrars about improvements that would make it easier to administer.  We are undertaking work that will see these improvements developed and rolled out later in 2018.

Some of the feedback was regarding our resetting process for a new device.  The process currently involves a registrar telephoning our support team and going through manual security checks.  To avoid this potentially time consuming process, we recommend that registrars add a second device to each account. This means that if one phone/device needs replaced, the other phone/device can still be used for access and reinstating a replacement device without the need for contacting our support team.

To add an additional device log into your Online Services account.  Select Login settings.  Select ADD/MANAGE DEVICES.

Further information on account security for registrars and how to set up 2FA is available here.

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