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Registrar Compliance Programme Update

Thank you to all registrars for engaging with the 2016 Registrar Compliance Programme.  Your assistance and co-operation has enabled the 2016 programme to be delivered on schedule. 

Highlights from 2016 include:

  • Delivery of 2,655 Registrar Reviews
  • 1,120 registrar tags have now moved to the Accredited Channel Partner and Self Managed classifications
  • Registrar operational and data validation processes strengthened
  • High levels of engagement shown by Registrars to contacts from the Compliance team
  • 85% reduction in formal Breach Notices issued by the Compliance team
  • 91.1% customer satisfaction score achieved from feedback given through our real-time compliance feedback survey

We saw a significant increase in the number of Registrar Reviews where the Registrar was found to be fully meeting the Registrar Agreement requirements.

The most common reasons for the Compliance team to issue a formal Breach Notice in 2016 were:

  • Inadequate complaints process
  • Inadequate customer enquiry response times
  • Missing abuse reports contact
  • Missing ALL mandatory compliance information
  • Missing terms and conditions information

Thank you to those registrars that took the time to give the Compliance Team feedback through the online customer survey.  Your comments have been very useful in helping us understand how we can improve on what we do and provide our registrars with appropriate support and advice on compliance related matters. 

We are now gearing up for the 2017 Registrar Compliance Programme and based on your feedback we will be making changes to further improve our communications and compliance processes. Registrars selected for a routine review will continue to receive an advance notice via email two weeks in advance of the assessment starting. 

The selection criteria for the 2017 Registrar Reviews will be as follows:

  • Proximity to 1-year anniversary of last review point
  • Registrar classification type
  • Size of registrar based on the volume of domain names managed. 
  • Smaller Channel Partner registrars holding less than 25 domains will move to a biennial review pattern

Where a registrar’s risk profile based on issues raised by domain name registrants or our AUP monitoring increases we will assess whether a review should be added to the programme or brought forward.

If you have any questions about the upcoming review of your tag or would like to discuss the benefits of reclassification please contact the Compliance Team.

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