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Domain Watch – new cyber security initiative to fight phishing

UPDATE: The Domain Watch Pilot was launched on 19 July 2018.

Nominet is launching a new anti-phishing initiative – Domain Watch – to further increase the security of the .UK zone and protect end users from malicious phishing activity. Domain Watch is a six month pilot scheme designed to quickly identify and suspend newly registered domains that are obvious phishing attempts.

Domain Watch analyses domains using a technical algorithm and high risk registrations are then manually checked to ensure that legitimate registrations are not impacted. If a domain is suspended, the registrant will receive an email informing them what has happened, together with the next steps required if they feel the suspension was not correctly applied.

Cath Goulding, Head of Cyber Security, Nominet says: “Our analysis has shown that a large proportion of the technical abuse seen in the .UK namespace relates to phishing activity, so we’re increasing our efforts to quickly identify and suspend the domains involved.

"Speed is key in this particular battle against criminality online, as the average uptime of a phishing site is very limited, and Domain Watch, which uses a combination of our expertise, manual and automated processes, will enable us to quickly spot and respond to malicious activity.”

Domain Watch complements other Nominet registrar tools and measures in place to maintain a robust and secure .UK, including Domain Health, Domain Lock and Two-Factor Authentication.

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